Welcome to Bethlehem Harvest

Bethlehem Harvest specializes in the sale of supplies and equipment for the bread baking community. Our premier products are Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief Wheat from Wheat Montana Farms, the Bosch Universal Mixer and the Nutrimill grain mill.  These products enable every home bread-baker to easily produce loaves that are both beautiful and nutritious.

Bethlehem Harvest also features bulk organic grains, legumes, herbs and baking supplies for families that value clean eating at affordable prices.  Bethlehem Harvest keeps a stock of bulk organic products on hand, and we offer customers the opportunity to add their personal shopping list to our restocking orders.  In this way we are able to help our customers stock their larder with healthy food that is both affordable and nutritious.

For more information contact us at bethlehemharvest@gmail.com, call us at 281-797-8932, or “like” the Bethlehem Harvest Facebook page! To stay in touch, subscribe to our updates!!

Bethlehem Harvest Responds to Covid-19

Like all businesses large and small, we have been figuring out how Bethlehem Harvest can best respond to the Covid-19 crisis. Our heart’s desire is to offer safe and practical assistance to customers who are struggling to keep high quality … Continue reading