Notes from Around the World

Notes from Around the World – January 2018

by Gail DeGray

I am an accidental world traveler.  It was never my intention to traipse the world, but here I am 8,498 miles from home – again!  I have traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal four times across the last six years, twice to welcome babies into our family, and twice just to visit my daughter and her family.  Here is a picture of our latest treasure and a picture of the whole brood celebrating his arrival.


I wish I could say that I have wandered the back roads of Nepal, just taking in the scenery, but I have not.  I am a thoroughly intimidated traveler, a situation made worse by the reports of Nepali friends, who speak of harrowing trips to the outlying villages with many life and death moments along the way.  I have a reputation for being a pretty poor passenger and the Nepali mountain drivers have a reputation for being dare-devil drivers.  Not a good combination!  When Bob and I came to Nepal together in September we did take one of the highly acclaimed Everest Flights.  It was one of those once in a life time opportunities which we certainly enjoyed.  You can check out a video that Bob put together at this link:

I have two big accomplishments this trip.  First, I have been going to the market to purchase vegetables all by myself. 🙂 Speaking no Nepali, and with vegetable market clerks speaking very little English, it feels like a victory to come home with most of the items on the shopping list.  Sometimes I take one or two of my grandchildren along, and then the shopping is a little easier.  They bridge the cultural gap (everyone loves little children!) and they speak a little Nepali, both are helpful.

My second accomplishment has been making some sourdough bread in a house that averages about 55 degrees.  Since Nepali homes have no heat, or very little, the indoor temp hovers just a little above the outside temp.  Trust me – it is chilly in the morning!!  I had to let my starter and my dough rise over a pot of warm water but it was worth the effort – the results were delicious!

Brave traveler, I am not.  But it has been great to be here to welcome little Ezra into our family, to help my daughter over the post-delivery hump, and to celebrate God’s goodness to this little family half way around the world.

Gail DeGray



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