Last Chance! Check out these Bosch and Nutrimill Holiday Bundles

We want to take a moment to remind our customers that Bosch and Nutrimill have some great holiday bundles available for purchase.  If you’ve been waiting to buy a Bosch Universal Mixer or a Nutrimill grain mill, this may be the time!!  These deals continue until December 25, 2018.

Bethlehem Harvest is proud to offer our customers special fall affiliate pricing for Bosch and Nutrimill products. The specials below are offered until December 25th.  Using the coupon codes below, these prices, available via our affiliate links, are the best prices on the internet for these great products.  MAKE SURE YOU USE THE COUPON CODES that accompany each deal!!

The Bosch Universal Mixer Plus Bundle

The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer comes with all of these features and equipment:

  • A lightweight 6.5-quart plastic BPA-free bowl, with a two part lid cover for easy addition of ingredients
  • A Bottom drive transmission with a removable drive shaft for easy cleaning.
  • Dual beaters that can whip as little as one egg white or mash up to 10 pounds of cooked potatoes.
  • Heavy duty dough hooks that are able to knead more than six loaves of whole grain bread dough in a single batch.

The Fall Special package adds all of the following items:

  • The large slicer shredder
  • Ddough hook extender and bowl scraper
  • Cookie paddles with metal driver
  • Cake paddles
  • Homemade Matters cookbook
  • Cook’n Recipe Organizer CD
  • Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty (total 4 Year Warranty)!

Current retail pricing: $615.00

Save $196.00 using our affiliate link at and this coupon code: HOLIDAYBOSCH.

Your final price, including shipping, is $419.00!


The Harvest Mill Bundle

This package is perfect for those who want to mill fresh flour, coffee and spices every day! The Harvest mill quickly mills all non-oily grains and legumes in a wide range of textures from course to fine.  The Mini Seed Mill will handle coffee, spices and flax seed in a flash! Carefully designed and crafted to be both practical and beautiful, the Harvest Mill is perfect for daily household milling tasks.

The Harvest Mill Bundle includes:

  • NutriMill Harvest
  • Mini Seed Mill
  • Grain Crazy Cookbook
  • The Essential Home-Ground Flour Book

Individually priced at over $300.00

The Fall Special pricing includes all of these items for $244 including shipping!

To receive this price use our affiliate link to and this discount code: HOLIDAY HARVEST

To make it even easier for you to make an informed decision, we would like to invite you to come see these products at work.  Schedule a product demonstration by calling/texting 281-797-8932 or send us an e-mail at Bethlehem Harvest only promotes products that we use and enjoy ourselves, and we want you to be just as pleased with your purchase of these products as we have been with ours!

To schedule a product demonstration please e-mail us at or call/text us at 281-797-8932.



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